Chinese New Year Fan
By: Amanda Formaro

Age: 6 and up

Make this pretty Chinese fan is made from construction
paper and paint stamps. It will make a great accent to
your Chinese New Year celebration!

What you'll need:

3 sheets red construction paper
Decorative foam stamps (we chose a swirl and an orange slice)
Gold acrylic paint
Paint brush
Glue stick
2 gold chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
1 red chenille stem
2 gold jumbo craft sticks (optional)

How to make it:

Decorate the red paper with gold painted foam stamps. We chose a swirl design as well as an orange.

Oranges are symbolic of wealth in Chinese culture. Paint the foam stamps with gold paint and press onto the paper. Let dry completely. (See photo.)
Use a glue stick to attach all three decorated sheets together, end to end lengthwise.
Fold red paper accordion style, making the pleats about 1" wide. (See photo.)
Gather all the pleats together and then hold firmly at one end. (See photo.)
Wrap chenille stems around the end that you are holding to form the handle. Begin with gold chenille, then add red, and finish with gold. (See photo.)
This step is optional, but if you prefer a longer handle, you can insert two jumbo craft sticks up inside the gathered handle. Squeeze a little glue into the opening to secure the sticks. Let dry. You can also paint the craft sticks gold or red.

The color red is very prominent in Chinese New Year symbols and decorations. It is believed that red will scare away evil spirits and drive away bad fortune.
Gold represents prosperity.
Fans are a popular item in China dating back over 2,300 years!